What are the Types of Counselling?

What are the Types of Counselling?

January 20, 2020 | By DJL Counselling
Counselling is a form of treatment that helps to reduce conflicts, anxiety, stress and mental illness. It helps people of all ages. The aim of a counselor is to give a positive and better life to the individuals, couples and families.  It is classified into 4 different categories. What are they?
Couple relationship counselling
Many couples face a number of problems in their relationship and love life. Sometimes they find many difficulties to live. They are very much frustrated and depressed mentally. Couple relationship counselling in Melbourne helps to remove their depression and frustration and give them a better life. Couple counselling works for both same-sex couples and heterosexual couples. Couple Relationship Counselling is a part of commitment counselling and counselling before marriage.  The aim of relationship counseling is to assist the couples with reducing conflicts in their relationship and evaluate commitment to make a loving and positive environment. It also helps to reduce violence and make the couple’s life completely stress-free. 
Child behavioral counselling
Child behavioral counselling always gives support to the children, teenagers and their parents. It can control the child’s behavior at home or school. This type of counselling has become very popular because of its several benefits. Behavioral counselling always improve communication of the children with others. Any kind of phobia or fear can be reduced by this counselling.  It can also turn negative thought into positive. Child behavioral counselling is effective for treating a number of issues including anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders and depression.
Mental Health Counselling
Nowadays, mental illnesses or psychological disorders are mostly found in people of all ages.  Mental health counselling happens to be the ideal solution for all these people.  The type of counselling that’s offered in such cases include weight management counselling, corporate counselling, counselling to people who are depressed & stressed, victims of childhood sexual abuse, people who have been affected by natural disasters, victims of workplace bullying and harassment and many more. 
Family violence counselling
Family violence counselling always deals with domestic family violence and helps to resolve all the conflicts. It also makes the environment homely and peaceful. There are 2 types of families are found in the society. They include traditional families and blended families. A traditional family consists of father, mother and children whereas a blended family consists of half-siblings, step-parents, step-siblings and other members. Domestic violence is common in both families. Family counselling helps every member of a family to lead a better life.
Counselling can make your life happier and stress-less. If you are suffering from any mental illness such as anxiety, stress or others then consult with your counselor as soon as possible. He or she will surely give you a better life.


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