Corporate Mental Health Services

At DJL Consultancy, we understand that each workplace is unique and a company’s success is largely dependent on the wellbeing of their employees. As a result, we strive to cater to each organisation’s needs and provide mental health support and counselling services to the corporate sector to help with the challenges of coping and dealing with modern working life.

What is corporate counselling?

Corporate counselling is a confidential way to help staff members of organisations and companies understand and talk about their issues at work, helping them find the tools and skills they need to access their own strengths and potential. It also helps staff identify weaknesses and strategies to help them increase their coping mechanisms and performance in the workplace as well as improve staff relationships, resolve workplace conflict and manage stress. Corporate counselling also explores staff members’ personal issues that may be affecting their productivity and wellbeing in the workplace.

  • Conflict Resolution

    Conflict Resolution

    Stress and conflict issues in the workplace have become more evident. This service is designed to minimise and prevent the occurrence of negative workplace environments

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  • Workplace Bullying & Harrassment

    Workplace Bullying & Harr...

    This service assists employers in minimizing, resolving and preventing the occurance of bullying & harassment in the workplace. Focuses on positive staff communication.

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  • Workplace Trauma & Debriefing

    Workplace Trauma & Debrie...

    We provide immediate debriefing and counselling support to staff members who have experienced an accident, injury or trauma (physical & psychological) in the workplace.

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  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    Employee Assistance Progr...

    Provides regular and ongoing around-the-clock phone, face-to-face and online counselling support for employees without the hassle of waiting periods and availability.

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  • EAP Corporate Counselling Packages

    EAP Corporate Counselling...

    DJL Consultancy provides custom-designed EAPs for a variety of corporate clients and can be specifically tailored to suit the budget and specific needs of small, medium or large organisations and their employees.

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  • Corporate Counselling, Coaching & Workshops

    Corporate Counselling, Co...

    Provides extensive corporate counselling, debriefing, coaching, workshops and seminars for all staff members & management teams in the corporate sector.

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