Conflict Resolution

In recent years, stress and conflict issues in the workplace have become more evident. When not effectively managed, both the staff member and the company, as a whole, experience detrimental effects such as: 

  • Increased absences, poor health, fatigue
  • Feeling overwhelmed, insecure, low self-esteem
  • Poor work performance & productivity
  • Increase in workplace stress, tension and / or conflict 
  • Increase in mental health problems such as depression & anxiety 

These symptoms usually result in an unhappy workplace culture and a subsequent decrease in overall productivity. If your company is experiencing any of the above signs or a lack of cohesion between individuals, within teams, or at an inter-departmental level, assistance from our experienced conflict resolution professionals here at DJL Consultancy can help restore morale, motivation and productivity.

Conflict Resolution

Our highly skilled corporate counsellors work with individuals and groups to provide a comprehensive conflict resolution service and restore improved, conducive and more productive working conditions. We do this via several ways:

  • Group staff counselling and / or mediation; 
  • Conducting assessments; 
  • Independent interviewing of employees before recommendations are made and reported to appropriate sources; and
  • Running team-building, professional development or personal coaching workshops.

Our counselling interventions lead to more original ideas, better coordination, increased job satisfaction and increased output, thereby building morale in the workplace and further enhancing the strengths of the company / organization.

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