Corporate Counselling, Coaching & Workshops

Corporate Counselling

The mental health and well-being of staff is the cornerstone to any company’s success. Workers are experiencing higher levels of stress and conflict in the workplace more than ever before and therefore effective management of this is crucial to both the worker and the company as a whole.

At DJL Consultancy, we have courses/presentations that will provide workers with an understanding of the common causes for workplace conflict and strategies to minimize this along with the tools to manage workplace conflict effectively.

Available courses, seminars & workshops:

·      Managing stress in the workplace

·      Dealing with difficult people

·      Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution

·      Effective recruitment of personnel

·      Goal setting – professional and personal

·      Team building

·      Communication skills and interpersonal relationship skills

·      Constructive feedback skills

·      Body language

·      Workplace Bullying and Harassment

Additional services:

·      Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

·      Workplace Trauma Management

·      Critical Incident Management

Corporate Coaching

This involves real-life techniques that are specifically designed to assist individuals and groups to enhance their work performance and advance in their work roles. It does not involve mentoring or counseling.

Areas covered include:

·      Leadership development

·      Identification of individual leadership styles

·      Career coaching

·      Communication skills

·      Mediation skills

·      Giving and receiving feedback

·      Mindfulness and managing stress

·      Effective team management

·      Effective management of change

·      Goal setting and time management

·      Increasing productivity

·      Employment processes/motivational interviewing

·      Morale and teamwork

·      Interpersonal relationships in the workplace

·      Restoration of work/life balance

·      Time management

Corporate Counselling, Coaching & Workshops

Why choose DJL Consultancy?

·      At DJL Consultancy we do not advocate nor do we teach far-fetched theory. We deliver practical real-life techniques that can be applied to improve specific tasks and to allow individuals to cope more effectively with various situations and issues in both working and professional lives.

·      Our corporate courses are structured as very effective stand-alone modules. In addition to this, should your requirements be a series of courses, then we will be able to negotiate, customize and create a package specifically catering to your needs in order to achieve the best possible outcome for all concerned. 

·      Our practical hands-on technique will allow participants to apply functional skills and behaviors in the work environment as appropriate almost immediately.

·      Our course creators and trainers are dedicated and fully qualified with extensive experience in corporate counseling so you can be confident that the practical and real-life learning experiences for your organization will be both positive and life changing.

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