Workplace Bullying & Harrassment

Under the Equal Opportunity Act (EOA) 2010, bullying and harassment can be classified as discrimination when it occurs as a result of someone's disability, race, sexual orientation, age, physical features or any other protected attribute. Bullying and harassment can be verbal, physical or in writing, and includes behaviour that intimidates, unfavours, degrades or humiliates another person.

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Workplace bullying and harrassment can have serious consequences for any business. The reputation of and financial burden upon a company can be extreme and seriously impacted upon. On the micro-management level, if not addressed appropriately, bullying in the workplace can lead to increased absenteeism, reduced productivity and poor team morale.

Workplace Bullying & Harrassment

Our expert team of corporate mental health specialists at DJL Consultancy can provide management and staff with workplace bullying education & counseling. This provides the practical skills and tools necessary to create a culture of dignity and respect throughout the workplace. We also offer training sessions to highlight the importance and role of language in the workplace – helping identify behaviour, body language and communication styles that could lead to or provoke complaints and also to distinguish between strong management and bullying.

Our intervention and support will facilitate the prevention of costly consequences and instead allow employees, and the entire organization, to flourish.

If you or your organization has experienced bullying and / or harassment, we encourage you to utilise our conflict resolution, critical incident debriefing and / or mediation services and take advantage of our corporate workshops and other services.

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