Workplace Trauma & Debriefing

The Australian Psychological Society (APS) defines ‘trauma' as a psychological wound or injury resulting in a difficulty in coping or functioning normally following particularly frightening or distressing events. These events are powerful and upsetting incidents that intrude into a person’s daily life and are usually defined as experiences which are life threatening, or where there is a significant threat to one's physical or psychological wellbeing.

Situations and events that can lead a person to experience psychological trauma include (APS):

  • Acts of violence such as an armed robbery, war or terrorism;
  • Natural disasters such as bushfire, earthquake or floods;
  • Interpersonal violence such as rape, child abuse, or suicide of a family member or friend; 
  • Involvement in a serious motor vehicle or workplace accident; or
  • Serious workplace politics that may involve bullying & harrassment and any physical or verbal act that causes the person to feel threatened and traumatised.

Other less severe but still stressful situations can also trigger traumatic reactions in some people. Everyone's reaction is different, but most people who experience a potentially traumatic event will recover well with the help of family and friends and will not experience any long-term problems. If people do develop problems, they may appear directly after the traumatic event or they may not emerge until much later.

In a workplace environment, the sudden, overwhelming stress of traumatic events can produce unexpected, and quite often, negative emotional and physical responses in even the most level-headed employees, resulting in issues that can lead to lasting psychological and medical problems that affect workplace performance.

Workplace Trauma & Debriefing

At DJL Consultancy, our mental health specialists are experienced in responding to a range of workplace incidents (e.g. bullying and harassment, conflict between employees or customers, workplace injury, suicide of a colleague, bomb threats, sabotage or arson and other emergencies and disasters). As a result, we understand the impact of trauma and critical incidents in the workplace and we provide trauma education, support and counselling to people who have endured a traumatic event in the workplace or elsewhere. Our psychotherapists and counsellors specialise in helping couples, individuals, teams and families manage the symptoms of trauma and cope with the challenges and stress associated with a traumatic event.

In the event of a traumatic workplace incident, DJL Consultancy will arrange for one of our highly qualified critical incidents specialist to be on site as soon as practicably possible.

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