Child & Adolescent Behavioural Counselling

For children and adolescents (aged between 0 to 18 years old) and their parents. To assist with challenging behaviours at home or school.

For the majority of parents, having good communication with their child/children is essential to maintaining a healthy and nurturing parent-child relationship. For some parents, however, this relationship is strained due to negative behaviours that may be demonstrated by their child / adolescent.

Child & Adolescent Behavioural Counselling

Children and adolescents sometimes demonstrate unacceptable and inappropriate behaviours. This may take the form of yelling, swearing, back-chatting, rudeness, or more severe actions such as physical and verbal aggression, hitting & other abusive behaviours, running away from home, etc. The list is extensive and may extend from the home into the school environment, warranting the attention of other professionals such as principals and school counsellors.

For children and adolescents, actions and behaviours are a way of expressing their emotions. Quite often, a negative behaviour may be an indication of distress, usually in the home environment. Or, it may be an indication of other mental health disorders (such as Aspergers’s, ADHD etc.).

At DJL Consultancy, most of our counsellors are parents who understand the difficulties and challenges faced by parents. We employ very practical, practice-based strategies to assist parents in setting appropriate boundaries and employing effective communication skills in dealing with and managing the negative behaviors of their child or adolescent. We do this via working with both the child / adolescent and the parents in a confidential, safe and supportive environment.

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