Family Violence Counselling

Providing counselling support for all family members to resolve conflicts & create a harmonious, positive & nurturing home environment.

Nowadays, a family unit may consist of:

  • Natural / traditional families – mother, father & children (all from the same parents).
  • Blended families – step-parent/s, half-sibling/s, step-sibling/s and / or non-biologically related individuals all living under one roof. 

This eclectic combination of individuals living together provides an interesting, and sometimes conflicting, blend of opinions, values and ideals. When conflict arises, this provides a negative (and sometimes toxic) environment for all the members in the household. This has a domino effect which then affects the person’s performance outside their home environment (e.g. work or school). 

Family Violence Counselling

At DJL Consultancy, we understand the challenges faces by families and offer a specialized counselling service aimed at helping family members – adults, adolescents & children – resolve disputes & conflicts at home. Our aim is to help create a positive, loving, nurturing, harmonious and safe family / home environment in which our clients can thrive and be emotionally, mentally and physically healthy.

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