General Counselling: Depression & Anxiety Treatment

Day-to-day life poses numerous challenges and that people are sometimes overwhelmed with these challenges. When people are subjected to stress for an extended period of time, their bodies and minds react in different ways. Depending on the severity of the stressors people are exposed to, mental health issues / problems / disorders arise. Quite often, people are not aware of the gradual build-up of emotional issues until they experience the debilitating symptoms (such as sleepless nights, increased crying, anger, loss of motivation etc.). It is at this point that most people realize they have a problem/s and seek counselling to assist them in dealing with and managing their mental health issues.  

General Counselling: Depression  &  Anxiety Treatment

Here at DJL Counselling & Mediation Consultancy, we understand the challenges that people face on a daily basis and provide counselling support and therapy for a broad range of mental health issues such as:

·      Depression & Post-natal Depression,

·      Panic Attacks, Anxiety & General Anxiety Disorders (GAD),

·      Loss & Grief,

·      Phobias,

·      Traumas (e.g. PTSD),

·      Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA),

·      Stress & Anger Management,

·      Many other issues.

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