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Sexual Abuse & Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) Counselling

Dr Leigh is a specialist in the area of sexual abuse, childhood sexual abuse (CSA) and family violence. Her professional, as well as personal, experience as a victim of CSA herself has given her the insight, experience, compassion and empathy needed to work with numerous victims.

The following information is derived from Dr Leigh’s doctoral research. For more extensive information on CSA and sexual abuse / assault, please feel free to read Dr Leigh’s full research thesis here.

Statistical Information on CSA:

A recent comprehensive report on sexual assault in Australia for recorded crime victims in 2016 was published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) in 2017. The strongest emerging features of the data are that:

  1. sexual assault behaviour in Australia is increasing – specifically in the 0-9 years and 10-14 years age groups;
  2. the rates of CSA perpetrated by family members are highest in the 0-9 age range; and
  3. in the 10-14 year range rates of CSA perpetrated by known non-family members rises (ABS, 2017), perhaps reflecting child’s further movement out into the world.

The ABS (2017) data also revealed several other factors that were specific to Victoria:

  1. The victims of a sexual assault rose to 5,381 in 2016 from 4,719 in 2015 (14%) – this was an increasing number that was recorded in the state of Victoria since 2010;
  2. Out of five victims who were sexually assaulted four were females (82%). A quarter of these victims were between the age of 15 to 19 years - the age group with the highest victimisation rate;
  3. There were more number of female victims of family and domestic violence related sexual assault than male victims. It was almost six times more;
  4. 89% of all FDV–related sexual assaults occurred at a residential location, mostly a private dwelling;
  5. The use of a weapon in the commission of the offence was recorded for 5% of the sexual assaults in 2016;
  6. Majority (71%) of the victims who have been sexually assaulted well knew their offender, more than half (57%) of the offenders happened to be a non-family member;
  7. Sexual assault victims of age between 0 to 9 years were assaulted three times more by a member of their family(203 victims) than a non-family member (70 victims).

However, against the backdrop of mandatory reporting, many cases of CSA go unreported (NASASV, 2009). According to data by the ABS (2016), mostly the victims of a sexual assault don’t report the incident or the crime to the police, and many don’t even access the services that are available to offer support. The factors, due to which the crime remains unreported include the closeness of the relationship of the victim and the offender, as well as the perception of the victim with regards to the seriousness of the offense (ABS, 2016).

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