Specialist Mental Health Services

Our specialist services include: Weight Management Psychotherapy, Genetic Counselling, Flood & Bushfire Counselling & Student Placements & Work Experience. 

  • Weight Management Counselling

    Weight Management Counsel...

    This service is designed to assist and support clients wishing to lose and maintain their body weight and/or for clients suffering from eating disorders.

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  • Weight Management Psychotherapy Program (WMPP)

    Weight Management Psychot...

    This WMPP is incorporated into our weight management counselling program. This includes the construction of a healthy-eating-and-thinking diary, schedule & contract.

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  • Genetic Counselling

    Genetic Counselling

    This service provides genetic counselling for people undergoing IVF, ART (assisted reproductive techniques) and those who have family histories of genetic disorders.

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  • Victorian Bushfire & Flood Support & Counselling

    Victorian Bushfire & Floo...

    We provide on-&-off site counselling and debriefing support for flood, bushfire (and other natural disasters-affected) victims and their families throughout Australia.

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  • Student Placement & Work Experience Program

    Student Placement & Work ...

    Here at DJLCMC we are committed to supporting, promoting and continuing further education within the mental health industry and the local community. Hence, we welcome students on placements and work experience.

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