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Anger is a normal, responsive emotion that everyone has experienced in their lifetime. We feel angry when something that contradicts our values, beliefs, or when something we feel strongly should not happen, happens, and / or vice versa. This may be the result of human actions (such as a cheating partner / spouse) or unforeseen circumstances (such as an accident).

Anger becomes a problem when it begins to control your life and affects your relationships with those close to you. If you are experiencing frequent anger outbursts and / or have the tendency to get aggressive (or violent) during these outbursts, especially toward family and friends (and colleagues in the workplace, or even towards total strangers), then you know you have an anger management problem. Or, if you are the type of person who internalises their feelings and keep them “bottled up”, you will find that this anger begins to become directed at yourself and could gradually result in symptoms of depression, anxiety, insomnia and other mental health-related problems.

What is Anger Management?

Anger management is the ability to be able to identify, control and channel one’s anger into less aggressive, more appropriate emotions and behaviours.

Many people experience anger management issues because they are unable to control their anger and, more so, they are unsure of where their anger stems from and what to do when they experience an angry outburst. “What do I do?”, “How can I stop it?”, “Why does it affect me so badly?” are but some of the many questions we get asked frequently.

Getting to the bottom of resolving an anger management problem can be confusing because, usually, it is a combination of factors that have come together and built up over a period of time that results in the sudden overwhelming feeling of being so angry that a person is unable to think clearly. This is much like a volcano that has finally erupted. As an example, a person might have experienced the death of a loved one, then after some time, loss of employment resulting in relationship (and financial) strains. All these factors come together and, after a prolonged period of time, the built up unresolved tension / anger accumulated into something larger that begins to take hold of the person’s life.

People seek our help for anger management and anger management courses for various reasons: because they have been mandated to by a Court (or their employer), or because they have been told by people close to them that they “have a problem”. Quite often, some people realise they have an anger management problem when they notice other mental health concerns slowly beginning to surface such as having trouble sleeping (insomnia), anxiety / panic attacks and other signs.

There are many reasons people seek help for anger-related counselling and here, at DJL Counselling & Mediation Consultancy, our goal is to help our clients understand what anger is, how to recognise when anger gets out of control, recognise the triggers, and work through the strategies by utilising the tools they have acquired during their counselling sessions with us in order to gain control of their anger and, eventually, be able to empower themselves by overcoming their problem and being able to function normally.

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Anger Management