Victorian Bushfire & Flood Support & Counselling

In recent years, our beautiful Australia has been ravaged in areas by natural disasters such as bush fires and floods. This has not only devastated towns and communities but rendered people homeless and grieving for loved ones and their homes and personal belongings. 

The occurance of any natural disaster is an event which has the potential to induce trauma in many people, especially those who have been directly affected by the incident. 

Victorian Bushfire & Flood Support & Counselling

Here at DJL Consultancy, we take this seriously and offer our undivided support to all victims of natural disasters and their families. 

Our counsellors have, in the past, volunteered to travel interstate to the site of the natural disaster and offer their services to people affected by the traumatic incident/s.

Alternatively, we also offer our services to people who have families or friends affected and are in a state of grief or shock and require immediate trauma-intervention.

Should you require our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.