Weight Management Psychotherapy Program (WMPP)

Developed by our founder, our WMPP has proved very effective for many clients in helping them lose and maintain their desired weight on a permanent level, targeting both the physical and mental (motivation, overcoming bad habits, maintaining a positive outlook and focus on their goals) issues responsible for weight gain. 

Weight Management Psychotherapy Program (WMPP)

Our WMPP involves a combination of two therapies:

1) Weight Management Counselling

2) Weight Management Healthy Eating Plan (WMHEP) - customised to suit your taste and lifestyle.

When you sign up for our 12-week WMPP, you will be asked to sign a WMPP Agreement. This is a written agreement you make with yourself (yes, this is not a typing error!) to ascertain your commitment to the program. We do this because from our experience, as well as from proven research, that when a person places their seal (i.e. signature or some form of personalised stamp) on a written document, it has a deeper and more conscious impact of commitment as opposed to a verbal agreement. 

At each session, your WMPP specialist will evaluate your progress, answer any questions you may have, discuss your concerns, suggess improvements (where and when necessary) and make changes to your WMHEP (if required).

For more details or to request an appointment, please contact us